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Marcus Sladden

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About Marcus:

I have been running for over 10 years and have extensive knowledge of how to train for any distance. I started as a sprinter (running 100m-800m), and progressed to longer distances (5K to Marathon), running my first marathon is under 3 hours. I first discovered running as a way to relieve the stress of my exams in high school. I'm a big advocate of running for mental health and believe in the power of using running to keep those mental demons at bay. As an Aasics Frontrunner, I'm very involved in the global running community. It's important to me that all of my clients feel heard, looked after and supported on their journey.


I believe that coaching should work around the athletes life, not the other way around! I know how hard it is to fit in training around a busy schedule and the importance of your mental health as well as your physical health when training. I work with my clients to use running as a tool to destress and find balance in their daily life.

Coaching includes:

  • Custom training plan for your goals, including at-home strength routines

  • Unlimited weekly adjustments to your plan

  • Unlimited communication with me

Favorite Ice cream flavor:

Salted Caramel!

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