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About Alex and Cortney

Meet Cortney:

Raised in Colorado, Cortney fell in love with sports and the outdoors as kid. She found running after getting engaged to her now husband. After their wedding she continued to run and developed a deeper passion for the sport as an opportunity to spend time with her friends and dogs. It was actually Cortney’s idea to run their first half marathon more than 10 years ago. Her husband was celebrating his birthday and wanted to go to Vegas. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegas Half Marathon was the same weekend, so Cortney invited a few friends along including her future co-founder. The group had a blast and Cortney was hooked on the distance.

To date Cortney has finished multiple half marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks, all while sporting the coolest leggings and even a few costumes she has made herself. Fitness has become an on-going journey and part of her daily life and she looks forward as she continues to grow her knowledge and experience. She begins most mornings with a coffee, which her husband brings to her, and a run with her pup, Luna. Cortney is a certified RRCA run coach. Follow her on Instagram at @motivatedbymiles.

Meet Alex:

Growing up in New Jersey, Alex played a variety of sports from swimming, ballet, soccer and basketball, but then in 1998 she watched the Winter Olympics and fell in love with the sport of alpine skiing. Having learned to ski at age 5, she already loved the sport but at age 15 she persuaded her parents to allow her to move across the country to Steamboat Springs, Colo. to attend boarding school and train with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. While her skiing career did not play out as planned, her love for fitness continued. After graduating from college, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in public relations. In 2010, she moved to Denver to be closer to the mountains and to lead a more active lifestyle.

Alex has trained for numerous half marathons, completed two marathons and got into triathlons and paddleboarding. She is grateful for the life fitness and sports have given her and she hopes to share her love of brunch, especially blueberry pancakes, passion and motivation with others to help them lead their best life. Alex is a certified RRCA run coach and NASM CPT. Connect with her on Instagram at @alexweissner.


Welcome to training by bRUNch Running! Our training programs give you a personalized touch, community, and so much more. Each training program is personalized to your goals and lifestyle. You get more than just running, for example live virtual strength, HIIT and core workouts + an expanding library of workouts, and text support from Cortney and Alex (720.704.4873 - text us!).

We’re your new RBFs (running best friends) that will virtually (and maybe one day soon in-person) celebrate each of your training runs and so many other things. bRUNch Running is just 2 gals that love to create so who knows what we will bring you next!

We specialize in training for all and every type of runner and walker. From fitness focused programs to ultra marathon, we would love to be there for you on this adventure.

Coaching with bRUNch Running includes:

All programs include a customized training program with run, strength, HIIT and core workouts. Members get access to an expanding library of workout videos, text support from Alex and Cortney (text us at 720.704.4873 to say hi!), access to all group programs, and the ability to switch programs.

Choose from 5 programs:

  • 40 Minutes for Me

    Every day you will have an exhilarating 40-minute workout to choose from: run, strength, HIIT, core, meditation, and more that will provide you some serious “me time” and give your mind and your body what is craving.

  • Go the Distance Program

    This is a custom program tailored around all of your wildest running dreams! No distance is out reach! Let us help you achieve those dreams and believe in yourself! Distance plans: in 1-mile, 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon and ultra marathon and everything in between!

  • Happy Pace, Happy Face: 30 Day Program

    A comprehensive 30-day training plan focused on increasing your speed and helping you find your happy pace.

  • Miles and Motivation: 12 week program

    A 12-week plan focused on building a strong running foundation and stying motivated. The program is specifically designed to help you build and maintain your running fitness until those ace days return. No previous run/race experience necessary.

  • Yes you can! #walktorun Program

    This program is designed with the necessary building blocks to help you become a runner with the walk to run method. A progressive plan that is designed to help you reach your running goals whether it be one mile or 50. This program is also great for those runners coming back from injury, post-pregnancy, or those who took an extend break from running and want to get back into it.

  • Mama + Miles

    This program is designed for specifically for women Each stage of the plan will follow along with your trimesters including post-delivery and those first few years. Running with a stroller is hard work. Our team is certified pre-and-post natal and women’s specific fitness.

  • That Something Special

    Have a wedding or some other special event or vacation coming up? This program is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals before your special day.

Join for $10 monthly, or save on an annual membership for $100!

Want to chat with Alex and Cortney before signing up? Schedule a free intro call.

What Our Flock is Saying
Suzie E.
”I absolutely LOVE this program and am so thankful you launched it as I was planning to train for my second marathon."
I absolutely LOVE this program and am so thankful you launched it as I was planning to train for my second marathon. The Bird app is super easy to use, and i love that I get a text reminder to log if I forget - and that it does it for me based on my response! I also really appreciate that you incorporate strength into the shorter run days. I have been following RunnersWorld’s training plan, but always felt confused on when I could add strength and how much. This plan totally fits my life!
Caitlin S.
"I love the chance to be a part of a bigger run community."
I love the chance to be a part of a bigger run community. I’ve never felt comfortable joining a run group (especially now during a pandemic and social distancing). bRUNch Running brings camaraderie and accountability in a no judgement setting. I am so appreciative of this group and all it has to bring (extra bonus for being Colorado/Denver/FoCo based and feeling connected close to home).
Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 8.30.16 AM
Ann S.
"This coaching program has been a huge help to boost me up in my run life—truth be told personal life as well."
This coaching program has been a huge help to boost me up in my run life—truth be told personal life as well. Both physically and socially it gives me a great community of like minded runners. We may not be striving for the same distances or fitness levels, we may not be the same age, or even live in the same part of the country, but we have similar styles, the goal to better ourselves, and a genuine camaraderie that I’ve found anywhere else without having years and years of experiences together. It speaks to who Cortney and Alex are. Their direction is clear and they are fostering a great spot in the running community for anyone looking to better themselves. They make you want to be a part of what they are doing. I could not be more pleased to be a part of what they are doing and that they include me and value my success as well as run an amazing company that doesn’t feel like a company. It feels like a family!
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