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5k or Bust! 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️
duration_icon6 weeks

Congrats on setting a goal to run a 5k! Maybe you're a brand new runner, or maybe you're getting back into it after some time away. No worries, there are no prerequisites for this class - all runners and runners-to-be are welcome.

Over six weeks Coach Layne will lead you through walk/run workouts that gradually turn into continuous running for 3.1 miles.

Every running workout has two options for you to choose from:

Walk to run: We will start with short intervals of one minute running and two minutes walking for a total of one mile. If you can run for one minute (even slowly!) right now, this plan is for you.

(Mostly) running: We start with continuous intervals of 4 minutes running and one minute walking, for a total of one mile. And if you can already run continuously, well done you!

The plan ends with a 5k race day - whether you're registered for a race or run 3.1 miles on your own, it's a chance to celebrate your success!

The 5k program includes:

  • A 6 week training program of 4-5 run/walk workouts a week with beginner and intermediate options

  • Weekly texts from your certified running coach Layne Pace for questions, support, and accountability.

  • A group chat with your coach and other participants to discuss training and cheer each other on!

  • Coach office hours twice a month to chat and ask questions face to face (well, on Zoom)

  • The Bird app to follow the training plan, track your progress, and communicate with your coach and team.

Who is this plan for?

Brand new or beginner runners looking for guidance and support while you build a running habit. This plan is appropriate for anyone who is comfortable walking a mile and running one minute. All workouts will be at your own pace and can be modified.

Your Coach
Layne Pace
I'm Layne, and I have a deep passion for running. I specialize in coaching women and beginner recreational runners. My coaching focuses on emotional & spiritual growth — I work to create a connection with the body and soul through running.
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What Our Flock is Saying
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Ann S.
"This coaching program has been a huge help to boost me up in my run life—truth be told personal life as well."
This coaching program has been a huge help to boost me up in my run life—truth be told personal life as well. Both physically and socially it gives me a great community of like minded runners. We may not be striving for the same distances or fitness levels, we may not be the same age, or even live in the same part of the country, but we have similar styles, the goal to better ourselves, and a genuine camaraderie that I’ve found anywhere else without having years and years of experiences together. It speaks to who Cortney and Alex are. Their direction is clear and they are fostering a great spot in the running community for anyone looking to better themselves. They make you want to be a part of what they are doing. I could not be more pleased to be a part of what they are doing and that they include me and value my success as well as run an amazing company that doesn’t feel like a company. It feels like a family!
Longest run in the books in well over a year today 💪🏻
Longest run in the books in well over a year today 💪🏻 I signed up for a January (Virtual) Run Club because 1. What else do you do in Chicago in January and 2. It’s fun to set new and short fitness goals to keep things fresh and to keep from getting bored. 3. Running in the snow makes you feel like a badass I can’t recommend @bird_coach enough. Next month I’ve signed up for an Accountability Club because Chicago February’s suck and I know I’ll need a little extra push.
Caitlin S.
"I love the chance to be a part of a bigger run community."
I love the chance to be a part of a bigger run community. I’ve never felt comfortable joining a run group (especially now during a pandemic and social distancing). bRUNch Running brings camaraderie and accountability in a no judgement setting. I am so appreciative of this group and all it has to bring (extra bonus for being Colorado/Denver/FoCo based and feeling connected close to home).
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