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18 weeks

Hey, you're going to run a marathon! Yes, YOU! Wow, good for you for setting a big goal....now the only question is how you're going to run 26.2 miles.

Not to worry, our Marathon Newbies group is for beginner and first time marathoners. We will build mileage slowly over 18 weeks, starting at 20 miles a week and a long run of 6 miles in week 1.

What's included

Marathon Newbies is about more than just the Saturday long run. It includes:

  • Easy, "bread and butter" runs twice a week to build your aerobic base

  • Speed work 1-2 times a week to build power and anaerobic efficiency to complement your endurance

  • Marathon pace practice near the end of the plan to train your body and mind to get used to the feel of your race pace

  • Benchmark workouts to measure your progress every 5 weeks

  • One cross training day and at least one day of full recovery every week

  • Advice on long runs, nutrition, hydration, gear, and recovery - the important stuff that will make or break your training!

Support from your coach

Coach Shane is here to support you during your training:

  • A customizable 18 week training plan of easy runs, speed work, cross training and long runs.

  • Guidance on good training habits that will help you succeed in training - recovery, nutrition, gear, and pacing, and more.

  • Weekly texts from Coach Shane for questions, advice, and motivation

  • Group chat with your coach and other Newbie Marathoners to discuss training and cheer each other on

  • Regular coaching calls on everything from hydration to motivation that you'll need on your first marathon journey!

Who it's for

Runners who are running their first marathon or who have run a marathon before but are looking to ramp up slowly and build their skills. Every workout can be modified for your fitness level, and using the run/walk method is a great option as you build up endurance. You should be able to run or run/walk 6 miles slowly and comfortably at the beginning of this program.

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Shane Williams
As an endurance runner who enjoys training for races that are 50k and above, I have a passion for getting people moving!
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